OpDAT pre-assembled splice tray 12xE2000 UPC OS2
with crimp splice protection

  • pre-assembled splice tray equipped with 12 pigtails with E2000 plugs
  • suitable to be mounted in the following fiber optic patch panels: OpDAT fix, OpDAT slide, OpDAT PF and OpDAT PA
  • standard splice tray (154,50 x 92 x 10 mm) equipped with crimp splice holder and cover
  • 12 semi-tight buffered pigtails, OS2, inserted and stripped
  • assorted pigtail colors according to IEC 60304, primary and secondary coating in the same color
  • With test report, insertion loss and return loss tested at 100 %
  • lengths of the pigtails starting from tray are layered between 80 and 90 cm
  • E2000/UPC (blue), E2000/APC (green), E2000/PC (beige)
  • Variants: available with fiber types OS2, OM4, OM3
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