REGplus IP20 E2000 DC MM H+S

  • termination with an E2000 DC adapter for mounting on TH35 rail to DIN EN 60715
  • slotted zirconium oxide ceramics sleeve (ZrO2)
  • high material stability and surface quality and long service life
  • service life: min. 1000 plug cycles
  • cable feed 45° from the top, plug direction 45° downwards
  • width of 1HP allows mounting up to 12 REG in standard electrical distribution panels
  • to install the adapter, the existing dust protection cover must be removed
  • variants: blue (SM), green (SM APC), beige (MM)
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Part number
  • 3D-Data (3D-Data 130F5A7003-E) - Registration required -
  • 3D-Data (3D_130F5X7003-E) - Registration required -
  • Mounting note
  • Data sheet
  • ePLAN data - Registration required -
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