Patch Management Controller with display 19 inchl 1RU black

  • 19 inch 1RU Patch Management Controller
  • Central communication interface of the METZ CONNECT Patch Management System
  • Gateway between the Sensor Bars of the PM Patch Panels and the PM Software
  • Integrated data base and web based set-up tool
  • Variance analysis between data base and Management Software
  • No middleware necessary
  • Independent functioning of the hardware in case of network failure
  • Up to 80 Sensor Bars per PM Controller
  • Connection and voltage supply of the Sensor Bar via data bus
  • Display as management system for work orders
  • Integration of different applications via I/O interfaces to the PM Controller, for example for cabinet monitoring (temperature, door contact, leaking etc.)
  • Network connection by Ethernet RJ45 interface
  • Conversion into a TCP/IP Ethernet-protocol for the PM Software
  • Updates via set-up tool in the web browser
  • A 4 m bus cable for 40 Sensor Bars is included
  • Housing and housing cover made of black powder coated steel
  • Variants: with or without display
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