Two-wire Sensor (5 ... 60 V DC)


The sensor consists of a cylindrical nickel-plated metal body with M18 thread and 2 thin nuts. The cable output is located at the rear. Laterally, there is a yellow LED lighted in an attenuated state.The oscillator creates a high-frequency electro-magnetic field emerging at the front of the sensor. It generates a field over the active area, which is called active pulse zone. When an electrically conductive material enters the field, it takes energy from the oscillator. This attenuates the oscillations so that they stop completely or partially. When the conductive material is removed from the active zone, the oscillator can again oscillate with its full amplitude. These two states can be evaluated electronically by the DRIW-E16.

  • The sensor has the following main components:
  • 1. Oscillator (LC resonator)
  • 2. Demodulator
  • 3. Bistable amplifier
  • 4. Amplifier
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